Executive Coaching

Executives face ever increasing pressure to deliver more with less, leaving little time to focus on their own development, how they might do things differently and bring about change.

Our one-to-one coaching provides a safe focused space where executives can honestly assess where they are and develop what they need to:

  • Maximise their impact as a leader
  • Grow the business
  • Drive transformational change
  • Succeed in a new role
  • Increase their clarity and confidence
  • Improve communication and emotional intelligence
  • Develop self-awareness

What is involved and how does it work?

Our Approach

Step One

Meet to determine individual and organisational goals

Step Two

Provide a coaching programme that will help map out the steps to achieve the desired results for both the individual and organisation together with costs

Step Three

Typical programme

Phase One – Assessment to develop self awareness & identify priorities which may include the use of tools such as MBTI and 360 Feedback (1-2 hours)

Phase Two – Working to achieve desired results (3-6 sessions of 1-2 hours)

Step Four

Review and evaluation (progress report)

What will it cost?

A typical programme (outlined above) would be £750-£1,250. This would include:

  • Assessments and reports
  • Session time as scheduled (6 to 12 hours) 
  • Between sessions support by phone/email
  • Access to our tool box - training and reading materials, checklists and workbooks