360 Feedback

Performance Perspectives 360°

Sometimes referred to as multi-rater appraisal, multi-source feedback or 360-degree profiling, essentially 360 degree is a process which enables an individual to receive feedback from a range of sources regarding their behaviours, skills and competencies. Typical sources might include peers, direct reports, managers and, occasionally, clients.

Select’s Performance Perspectives 360° has been designed to present a balanced picture of an individual’s strengths and development needs as perceived by those around them. This feedback provides an invaluable opportunity to see yourself as others see you, clarify these perceptions, prioritise development needs and develop action plans to address them.

Designed to be non-judgemental – participants are invited to consider how frequently the individual demonstrates certain behaviours, rather than offer value judgements on their performance – Performance Perspectives 360° explores a range of behaviours relating to communication, leadership, relationships, development, adaptability and personal effectiveness. It can also be tailored to focus only on those areas most crucial to you and your organisation.

Select’s Performance Perspectives 360° is used in many ways, including:

Executive Coaching

As a starting point for the coaching process, Performance Perspectives can help you see yourself as others see you, understand how your behaviour influences their perceptions, and identify your own strengths and development needs.

Performance Appraisal

To overcome the subjectivity inherent in many appraisal systems, Performance Perspectives is an ideal and flexible tool to present a balanced picture of skills and competencies and can be tailored to complement an organisation’s existing competency framework.

Management Development

Key to the development of any management team is their awareness of their impact. Performance Perspectives can enable your managers to understand how their behaviour influences the perceptions of others and how – both as individuals and jointly – they can alter that perception.

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