Performance Coaching

Our performance coaching provides a blended learning approach using a mix of training and coaching and is ideal for those who need a flexible and adaptive, 'just in time' approach to their skills development.

Why Performance Coaching?

Many of our clients are using performance coaching in the following circumstances:

  • Time pressures make attending a 1-2 day course difficult
  • Requirement is not covered by an open course eg Building Confidence
  • Skill gap needs bridging and no convenient course available
  • Conflict or Personality Clashes
  • Support poor performance
  • Manager knows what they need to do but needs support putting it into practise
  • Newly promoted managers who need to get up to speed quickly

What areas can performance coaching help address?

  • Developing Confidence-Presenting, Networking, Tackling Tricky Situations
  • Business Development -Strategic Planning, Closing the Deal, Negotiation, Presenting
  • Performance Management - Motivation, Time Management & Delegation, Feedback
  • Communication -Influencing, Negotiation, Report Writing, Difficult Conversations
  • Management Development -Fast-tracking someone prior to or following a promotion
  • Managing Change
  • Dealing with Conflict & Personality Clashes

Our Performance Coaching Programmes are tailored to meet your specific needs for a free no obligation consultation. 

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