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Presentations for Business Development

Presenting professionally is an invaluable skill when trying to win new business – particularly when you’re invited to compete in a beauty parade for a new HNWI or corporate client. There’s an art in presenting to sell and that’s precisely what this course aims to help you develop – with a practical emphasis on preparing to deliver effective and professional presentations that really sell.

Influencing to Get Results

In the modern workplace, individual success increasingly depends upon the ability to secure the support and co-operation of others in matters over which we often have no direct authority or control. Using the Myers Briggs Type Indicator(MBTI), this course explores the components of influence and persuasion, enabling participants to develop the skills and techniques to exert positive influence to achieve their goals.

Clients: What Makes Them Tick?

In an increasingly competitive service environment, everyone claims client satisfaction is their top priority. But how can you satisfy clients, if you don’t fully understand their motivations and concerns. This course represents a unique opportunity to explore client psychology – from how they take in information to how they make decisions – and how to use this information to grow your business.

Negotiating More Profitably with Clients

In an increasingly competitive industry, the ability to negotiate and enhance profitability has become a critical business development and relationship management skill. This course highlights the integral nature of negotiation to preserving and increasing profitability whilst developing and strengthening long-term client relationships, and provides a flexible framework to enable participants to prepare and negotiate effectively with current and prospective clients and intermediaries.

Strategic Planning for Business Development

A strategic plan can and should be a dynamic guide that focuses our efforts to achieve targets – not just another document destined for a filing cabinet. This challenging course has been designed specifically to equip participants with the tools they need to develop and implement a practical plan that will enable them transform corporate objectives into business winning strategies.

Participants will also receive a ready-to-use flexible framework to develop their plans.

Relationship Selling to HNWIs & Corporate Clients

A finite and increasingly competitive marketplace necessitates that we intensively cultivate each client’s business to enhance the profitability fo the relationship – and it’s particularly crucial when selling to high net worth individuals (HNWIs) and corporates. Designed to enable participants to develop and refine techniques to identify and address their clients’ needs – not only to win new business, but also to increase the the range of business completed with existing clients.

Negotiation Masterclass

Designed to provide experienced negotiators with an opportunity to practise their existing skills in a safe but demanding environment and to receive quality, constructive feedback.

Sales Skills for Relationship Managers

A finite and increasingly competitive marketplace necessitates that we intensively cultivate each client’s business – increasing the range of business transacted in order to enhance the profitability of the relationship. Designed to enable delegates with regular client contact to develop the skills and confidence necessary to extend the range of business completed with existing clients, this course adopts a practical and pro-active approach to client relationships.