Hedge Fund Trading Strategies

While the objectives of all Hedge Fund Managers are essentially identical – the pursuit of an absolute return in all market environments – the range of trading strategies employed by them to achieve that objective is vast.

Some use Derivatives heavily, some not at all. Some strategies are leveraged, some are not. Some strategies are hedged, some are not. This interactive one day programme offers a thorough walk through the range of different approaches employed..

Exchange Traded Funds

Exchange Traded Funds are now firmly established in the investment world. But how do they actually work? With new ETF products being developed every month, which are the best ones for short term traders, and those investors looking for longer term exposures? What are the best strategies and what are the pitfalls?

Understanding the Funds World

The great majority of Investors – from Retail through to Institutional – invest across the world's Financial markets via some form of collective vehicle. This interactive programme offers participants an opportunity to understand how the Funds industry is structured, the full range of investment opportunities available via this type of investing & the important roles played by Custodians & Fund Administrators.

Controlling Problem Lending

Designed in response to the current period of deteriorating credit conditions this course  provides participants with the confidence, skills and knowledge necessary to handle difficult lending situations in such a way that they are able to prevent or minimise potential losses.

Financial Markets & Products

The aim of this course is to provide a comprehensive understanding of the structure of the global financial markets and the products that drive them.  It explores the different products in the different markets and how they interrelate and the significance of each.  

Principles of Lending for Private Bankers

Designed to provide participants with a thorough grounding in the basics of lending to both private and company clients, to enhance and improve their analytical skills and enable them to maximise profitability and minimise risk when establishing credit facilities.

Corporate Actions

Designed to provide participants with a comprehensive overview of Corporate Actions relating to debt and equity – what they are, where they originate and why they happen – together with a detailed exploration of each action and the impact it has on the company and the shareholder.

Global Custody

This course provides participants with a comprehensive understanding of Global Custody i.e. the provision of banking and related custody services for institutional investors who buy, sell, borrow, lend or hold equities, fixed interest and derivative instruments in domestic and international markets, and in overseas countries.

Securities Markets, Settlements & Clearing

Provides an indepth understanding of how and why the international securities markets operate, with particular emphasis on the roles, motivation and constraints on the market participants and how this affects settlement. Identifies the components of capital market profitability to demonstrate how settlements can modify profitability.

Derivatives Demystified

A beginner's guide to the how and why of derivatives that provides participants with an understanding of the products and techniques used in derivatives markets. Ideal for anyone involved in front, middle or back office as well as ancillary functions i.e. sales, marketing, IT, support services.