Personal Development

Managing Stress

Spending a minimum of 8 hours a day in a working environment, pulled in multiple directions and with an increasingly blurred line between professional and personal – the resulting stress is caused by factors from both working and private lives and also has consequences for both.

This course enables participants to identify their individual stress factors and create strategies to overcome them in order to achieve a healthy work/life balance.

Presentation Skills

The ability and confidence to address a group – e.g. staff, colleagues, clients, Board members etc – is an increasingly essential skill in the modern business world. Designed to enable participants to prepare and deliver effective and professional presentations, this course provides a unique opportunity to practise and refine delivery technique in a supportive environment.

Influencing to Get Results

In the modern workplace, individual success increasingly depends upon the ability to secure the support and co-operation of others in matters over which we often have no direct authority or control. Using the Myers Briggs Type Indicator(MBTI), this course explores the components of influence and persuasion, enabling participants to develop the skills and techniques to exert positive influence to achieve their goals.

Train the Trainer

To provide participants with the core skills and knowledge of a successful trainer. We will show you how to plan, prepare and deliver training, encourage enthusiasm and gain commitment from delegates.

Managing Difficult People & Situations

This practical and interactive workshop is designed to help participants increase their personal effectiveness in handling difficult situations at work, particularly when faced with apparently unreasonable behaviour.

Content is tailored to address specific issues raised by participants in respect of people and situations they find personally difficult to handle, to enable them to achieve satisfactory outcomes and build stronger working relationships.

Communication Skills for Business

There is no doubt that effective communication is a major contributory factor in the success of top performing companies and individuals – and that one of the great barriers to effective communication is non-assertive behaviour. Designed to give participants the opportunity to learn and practise effective, assertive communication techniques to handle realistic situations with openness and confidence.

Telephone Techniques for Business

In a relatively short space of time, the phone has become an integral part of modern life - how would any of us cope without it? Yet, the transition from using the phone simply for personal contact to using it as a business critical tool is a tricky one. This course enables participants to project a professional image with every call because nothing has greater impact on how clients perceive your company - its efficiency, service and professionalism - than the way their calls are handled.

Writing for Business

The corporate image of any organisation depends largely on its written communications - i.e. letters, emails, faxes and memos - yet relatively few people have been trained in the art of business writing. During this one-day workshop, delegates will learn and practise the skills of writing logically within a structure, expressing ideas concisely, fluently and persuasively to convey a professional image.

Time Management for Business

There aren't enough hours in the day - a common complaint. Since time cannot be stretched, stored or supplemented, the only solution is to manage it sensibly. Designed to aid you in this task, this course works through key techniques and attitudes to help you be more productive whilst reducing stress.