Coaching & Mentoring Skills - ILM Level 5 Certificate

Through our partnership with the British School of Coaching, we are now able to offer the opportunity to gain this internationally recognised qualification in the Channel Islands

Course Overview

This is an undergraduate-level qualification and is ideal for Middle managers, internal coaches, HR and OD professionals.  You should have experience, training or qualifications in leadership and management or HR-related disciplines.

Course Features

Communication Skills for Business

There is no doubt that effective communication is a major contributory factor in the success of top performing companies and individuals – and that one of the great barriers to effective communication is non-assertive behaviour. Designed to give participants the opportunity to learn and practise effective, assertive communication techniques to handle realistic situations with openness and confidence.

Minuting Skills

Enables participants to prepare for and minute meetings for a variety of purposes and to draft professional and well-structured minutes that achieve accuracy, brevity and clarity.

Tackling Performance Issues Promptly

Every manager must face issues with poor/underperformance on occasion. This course provides a practical approach to handling these issues, that will give delegates the confidence to tackle them early and effectively, using appropriate formal and informal processes of support, development and reviews to get performance back on track, and avoid such situations escalating.

Client Relationships by Phone and Email

While no one can deny the speed and efficiency made possible by electronic forms of communication, all too often it results in disaffected clients suffering from depersonalised communication. However, used correctly, phone and email technology can be used to strengthen client relationships – and this course explores, in practical terms, how it can be achieved?

Introduction to People Management

A broad brush introduction to people management, defining responsibilities in relationto the team and the organisation, this course focuses on the role of supervisor/manager and how they affect individual and team performance.  It also provides a thorough basic foundation in the skills required - team leadeership, communication one-to-one and with the team, delegation and self management.