Derivatives Demystified

A beginner's guide to the how and why of derivatives that provides participants with an understanding of the products and techniques used in derivatives markets. Ideal for anyone involved in front, middle or back office as well as ancillary functions i.e. sales, marketing, IT, support services.

At the end of this course you will be able to understand:

  • The basics of different derivatives: how they work and why they’re used
  • The implications of derivatives as ‘off balance sheet’ items and how this can present a challenge when assessing risk e.g. Enron, Worldcom
  • The structure of the financial markets
  • Securitisation

Who will benefit?

Ideal for those who need a working knowledge of derivatives rather than an in-depth knowledge of the subject. Invaluable to those who need to discuss derivatives e.g. at board meetings or with clients, where the added knowledge will give greater confidence. Particularly crucial for non-executive directors on audit committees to understand their responsibilities in more depth. Ideal opportunity to complement study for professional examinations in the accounting/financial world.

The content of this programme can be tailored to your requirements for in-company training. More information on Tailored Training or contact us.

Course Length: 1 day

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