Writing for Business

The corporate image of any organisation depends largely on its written communications - i.e. letters, emails, faxes and memos - yet relatively few people have been trained in the art of business writing. During this one-day workshop, delegates will learn and practise the skills of writing logically within a structure, expressing ideas concisely, fluently and persuasively to convey a professional image.

At the end of the course you will be able to:

  • Understand the fundamentals of letters, emails, faxes and memos
  • Plan written work and define objectives clearly
  • Collect and organise data logically.
  • Achieve accuracy, conciseness and clarity - avoiding jargon
  • Create a positive impact in any written medium

Who will benefit?

Ideal for those who need to refine their written work and presentation to produce correspondence that is concise, accurate and clearly understood.

The content of this programme can be tailored to your requirements for in-company training. More information on Tailored Training or contact us.

Course Length: 1 day

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Available Dates:

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